There Once Was a Cat

So I've tried a number of times to make something in Unity, but only ever get halfway through the process.  I usually start during a long holiday or period when I'm not working, only to find that life gets in the way and I abandon whatever I'm doing.  This usually occurs when I reach a technical hurdle that I can't overcome, one that requires actual knowledge of programming, not just the slapped together copy/paste approach that I use.

As a result, I wanted to do something that I know I can finish.  My targets were simple.  The art is terrible.  The sound effects are just me talking into my mic.  But it's nearly done.

 I had to learn a few new things about UI in Unity which was interesting, and I now have a few new ideas for what I want to do next (2D sprite animation!) so this has been pretty fun and useful project overall.

The last couple of things to do are add a setting (probably a mute button, I can't stand to hear myself any more) to the main menu, and add a mute button to the in game menu for the only level in the game.  I might add a few more sprites because that's just fun, as is doing silly voices into my microphone so I'll probably do a few more of those too.

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